Catching Up

December was quite the month. Damon spent the whole month sick. He got salmonella food poisoning and spent 6 days in the hospital. After that we celebrated Christmas and birthdays. I was happy when it was over, and I spent a week resting and catching up. Added to that I worked at Bath and Body Works all month.

In January I was employed by Bath and Body Works on a part time basis. It is a fun job, and the extra cash is great for our expenses. I hope to move up in the ranks, just for fun. I like to progress and learn, and I'm confused/saddened by those that do not want the same things.

Benjamin is 5 now. We get to figure out which school to send him to, it's quite the challenge. Having parents that are teachers = picky school selection. We want Benjamin to be able to learn and develop in positive ways at school. I would home school him, except he is such a social little boy. He wants to go to school just like Daddy. Damon's old school has offered to allow us a zone variance, which is a great choice. If we have our way, he will go to Damon's school.  Hopefully Damon will move to a school closer to home. I have also looked at private schools, but I'd have to work a lot more hours to be able to afford that.

Teaching violin and piano is going well too. I made a lot more money this year than I expected, as our taxes demonstrate. I have lots of goals and things that I want to learn. January has been a month of exploring what is most important, and what fits best within the time that I have.

I have decided to put my doula career to the side for now. It just isn't feasible with the other jobs that I have. I can't expect to be able to leave home, cancel students, and get a replacement for Bath and Body Works on short notice. We planned for me to work on my Master's degree when Benjamin goes to school but now I'm not so sure that is the best plan. I would love to do a degree in ABA, or applied behavioral therapy.

The final analysis is that I have three priorities, 1. Church, 2. Home and Family, and 3. Work, which is mostly music. I need to finish my SAA training, and I need to work on a business plan for the Kid Farm. I was given the name of a group that helps people establish non-profit status and write business plans. I hope to get in contact with them starting in February. That way we can start writing grants and establishing programs. We hope to start with after-school activities, and then work towards a summer program, then a day program.

In the meantime, there is plenty to do at home. This month I need to paint the upstairs, re-seal the tub, work out the taxes, and help Benjamin with school and music. It is my goal to teach him to read before he gets to Kindergarten. If I'm lucky I'll also get our car fixed, buy a ticket to Chicago for May when Laura has her baby, and pay off the recent medical bills. Life is always busy.

Well, it's time to go back to work. House to clean, choirs to direct, and friends to call. I love my life, even when it's crazy busy. It's nice to have a full life. Only one thing is missing. We're still trying for more children, and the life that entails.