I started selling herbalife, and am having fun with it. I hope to do well with this product. So far, I have had great results on the product. I have more energy. I was able to run without consequences for the first time in ages. I am happy to get up, and I am able to go all day without too much trouble.

We did paint HWK's upstairs room black to create a Black Box. I was excited to do work for them so Benjamin can keep going without me feeling guilty. It took me a couple days of sleep to recover, but it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Damon doesn't think I can sell herbalife. He thinks it's just like all the other stuff out there. I don't blame them. I've tried almost everything, but without success. I hope this works for me. I want to prove him wrong, and I need the focus. I need something to do all day, and I want to earn extra money for my family so that we have enough to live off of. Medical bills suck.