I like to be busy. School is a blessing and a curse. It keeps me out of trouble, but makes my to do list endless. Benjamin just finished his first performance of Beauty and the Beast Jr. He loves being on stage, and having people watch him. He did a great job, and the scenery we painted turned out great.

Damon got a new job at a great school. We have already enrolled Benjamin in Kindergarten there. They are both excited for the new school year. Damon brought all of his school stuff home, so our house is a mess, but the new school will be a 9-month, five days a week position. I will have half the driving to do this year.

We have also decided to sell our home. We would love to move closer to where Damon and Benjamin will be at school. One of my friends has offered to help us. It will be a short sale, which is not ideal, but our only recourse at this point. Hopefully we will be able to find a nice place where we an truly put down roots.

I am working on learning ABA therapy with my two students. I love working with my kids, teaching music, and ABA tutoring are great jobs for me. I enjoy the work, and am hoping to tailor my Master's degree towards that end. Kids are challenging, and I have endured some long protests. It has greatly strengthened my patience, and improved my love and care of Benjamin.

We are enjoying the summer. When we have free time we swim, and we'll be taking a trip to visit with Damon's family soon. Life is always a challenge, and we are still waiting for our chance to adopt, but our life is full and fun for the meantime.