Car Trouble

So, every year about the time that school starts and we need a reliable car for work, our car develops a problem with gremlins. This year they took out the battery, alternator, and fuel something sensor. No fun. I got to sit for several hours several days in a row waiting for the car to finally be fixed. Hopefully tomorrow it won't be some weird electrical problem.

On a happier note, I am going to start babysitting a 4-year-old girl for the school year. Benjamin will be thrilled, and I'll make a little money on the side. We are going to start tomorrow, and I can't wait for the fun to ensue. I hope she is happy here, and that it is a smooth transition. I would love a baby of my own, or to be able to put Benjamin in a preschool, but this is also good. He'll learn to share and play with a peer, and I'll learn to juggle to kids and our home. I'll still teach music in the afternoons, and all that craziness. I like to be busy, and feel lost when it's just Benjamin and me at home all day. This will give me added incentive to organize activities, and get out of bed early. Hurray for goals and projects.

I love back-to-school shopping and have felt very left out since Damon doesn't really need anything this year. I picked up a few supplies just for fun, and found a great deal on some shirts and tank-tops, which will add to my fall wardrobe. I wish I could go crazy and buy notebooks and pens, but I already have a ton of those stored under my bed. Damon always asks me what I collect. My deep dark secret is I collect office supplies and stickers. I love paper, and pens. I love the look of a new notebook full of possibilities. I am entranced by markers, new crayons, and highlighters, and wish that I had the excuse of school to go crazy at Target. Damon says when the school supplies go 75% off I can have some fun, and he let me get a few things that were extra on sale. What an indulgent husband I have :) Benjamin will have all kinds of fun with me this year.