Benjamin is a sweetheart. He has his tantrums, and sometimes he doesn't like sharing, but overall we have an amazing little boy.  Today we had an extra kid all day, because a friend's babysitter fell through. Benjamin played with him, and involved him, and our normal little girl that we usually babysit. The wonder is he could have selected the boy because they were boys, or played with the girl because he knows her better, but he was inclusive of both. Then we went to the park, and he included the little girl he found there in his game. I was so impressed by his kindness and sharing. He helped his friends get drinks, mediated play, and was generally a sweet loving boy. My favorite moments are when he comes up to me and tells me "mommy I love you, how are you doin?"  He is always looking out for me, and would do anything to make me happy.

We have a tradition of making Winnie the Pooh characters our own. I am eeyore, Dad is tigger, and Benjamin was Roo. He also wants to be Winnie the Pooh, but is reserving the heffalump for his new brother or sister. He told me yesterday that we need to buy baby toys for Christmas for his brother or sister. I wish that I could give him a sibling, he would really love a friend, and often asks us when we will adopt. He is prepared to share his room, and won't let me give toys like the Little People away so that our knew baby will have toys. He is so sweet with little children, and loves everyone he meets. He will share everything he has without a problem - unless it is something he is directly playing with at the moment. He is gentle and kind, and cries whenever he hurts a friend, even when it is an accident. I often wonder how we were blessed with such a great kid.

Today was the start of the Springs Preserve Haunted Harvest. Benjamin was thrilled. He dressed up as a Transformer. He loves the candy, the decorations, the shows and everything about Halloween. He resets our Halloween decorations everyday and has multiple costumes prepared. He loved playing the games, and even got prizes to share with us. His favorite part was Trick or Treating. He loves candy, and we ration it, so he doesn't get all hyper. He acted scared of the decorations, but couldn't get enough. He cried when it was time to go home. Everyday he asks me if we can set up more for Halloween. I think he would turn our home into a theme park if he could.  He has recently gotten into building cities with blocks and today he turned his blocks into a museum.

Ben adores being read to, and listens carefully. He wants to hear every word, and is sad that he cannot read yet. I can't wait for him to learn. Today we read Mrs. McNosh and the Great Big Squash  I was impressed when I asked him questions about the story. He knows the difference between pretend and real, and laughed because a squash cannot grow as big as a house. He loves to pretend, and dresses up all day. It will be so sad when he goes to school, and I won't be able to experience the wonder and magic of his world all day. Every mother loves their child, but to me, his kindness, maturity, and knowledge never cease to amaze. He makes great connections, and loves to be involved in everything that we do. I credit my teacher husband for most of his creativity and ingenuity. I am such a lucky mom. I get to stay home with my kid, and he is a constant joy. Life still has its struggles, but we are truly blessed.