Bucket List

There is a contest to create a bucket list. So here is mine.

Multiple sclerosis slowly causes deterioration of your brain, and eventually it will kill me. Before that happens there are several things that I want to do.

1. Adopt another child - my son needs a sibling, and we would love at least one more child to have and to hold.
2. Visit Europe. Before I got sick, I was going to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Munich Germany and Austria. I never made it, but I will get there someday. My husband served a mission in Spain, and we would love to go, see his old stomping grounds, and visit the places that I missed.
3. Go to Disneyland, a lot. I love Disneyland, my family went there a lot when I was a kid and I want to share that with my son.
4. Make a difference. I want to blog, and share my journey in the hopes that it will help my family, those that have similar issues, and any others who might be interested. I was going to work with children with autism and raise a large family, but things change. This is my new goal. I am flexible that way. :)
5. Make my family financially stable. Medical bills are death to finances, and before things get too bad I want to be debt free and have substantial savings to protect my family for the eventual time when I will need advanced care. I'm not sure how to do this, but I will figure it out.
6. Finish my Master's Degree. I was in the middle of a degree in counseling and marriage and family therapy, but had to drop out due to health concerns. I would like to go back and finish, if only to say I did it, it also may help me to fulfill #4.
7. Leave a legacy - We always here about the sick or injured people that were an inspiration to everyone around them. I want to be that person. I'm not now, but it's a good goal.
8. Raise my son. I want to raise my son to be an active and productive member of society. To see him married and to meet my grandbabies.
9. Share my faith. It is the most important thing in my life, and I would share it with anyone who wants to hear.
10. Love my husband. He is my rock, my life and my all. I want to make his life happy and as easy as possible.
11. Buy an American Girl Doll. I don't have a daughter, but I love the dolls, and someday I will get one just for fun.
12. Learn to paint.
13. Write a book about our life. I want it to be funny, and I'm not very good at funny. I'm great at scientific, but funny is better.
14. Read 5000 books. I love to read. My Dad said it isn't possible. I'm out to prove him wrong.
15. Celebrate everyday - there is a lot in life that is hard. I want to learn to celebrate all the little happy things, and to share that with those around me.
16. Own a Smart Phone - it's frivolous, but it would be so much fun.
17. See the Broadway play Wicked.
18. Grow things. I love flowers, but I tend to kill plants. I want to learn to garden, even in the desert.
19. Become an herbalist, or natural health practitioner. There is so much about medicine that we don't understand.
20. Learn to craft and sew. There is something magical about creating things with your hands, even if those hands shake and aren't quite the same.

There are many more things that I would love to do with my life. But this seems like a good place to start. I love to be busy and doing and multiple sclerosis has really slowed me down. I can't do the things i had planned with my life, so I am adjusting and learning new things. My mom suggested that maybe this will allow me to discover a great talent or gift. I believe that there is purpose for all things. Hopefully my gift can help others. I am home all day. The internet is now my vehicle for interacting with others and making an impact. I have a sweet son, and a loving husband. I have the support of family and friends, and every Sunday i get to play with the littlest members of our Church. While life has it's hard moments. I have never been more at peace. What is your bucket list? What would you do if your life was changed, or you knew time was short? My priorities are all focused around families, memories, making a legacy/difference, and enjoying the little things. I would not be focused on that if I had not been diagnosed with MS. Life changes quickly. Don't let it slip by.