Sick and Benjamin's teeth.

I have a cold, Benjamin just recovered from bronchitis, and Damon is starting to cough like Ben and I did.  We hoped that Damon would get his pin and other mechanics out of his finger yesterday, but were dismayed to find out that we have to wait at least two more weeks. I am bummed. If that is a good word. I want my husband to be whole and able to help like he could before his injury. Pain and discomfort also makes him grumpy, and that has made the last couple of weeks a little hard. I understand pain making you grumpy. I also understand what it is like to have a pin in your bones, as my elbow was pinned when I was 10. It isn't fun. I sympathize, but I don't feel good, and I need him to step in where I can't right now. It is hard that we are all sick together. Hopefully we'll all be better by Christmas.

I have some great secret presents that I was able to find at amazing deals online. It makes getting ready for Christmas a lot more fun. Benjamin has settled on what he wants, and we have some surprises that he will love. Tomorrow is his official birthday. He will be 7. I need to come up with something fun for the actual day. His party was awesome and fun, but I want to celebrate the day too. He has weathered a lot with us this year, and has been a major trooper. He struggles when I am sick, or Dad is hurt. He has dealt with babysitters, upsets in schedules and routines, and a mostly absent mother for most of the year. I feel guilty and want to help him feel better. On the other hand, he has learned and matured a lot this year. We are a little concerned about him. He is always moving and busy. I want to have him checked for hyperactivity as I think his behavior is interfering with his ability in school. He is really smart, but rushes through his work and makes mistakes. I would prefer not to medicate him, but I don't know if that is set in stone. I want him to be successful. I think lately I've become a helicopter parent. I need to work on that.

Benjamin had his teeth sealed yesterday. His molars were starting to develop cavities and so the dentist drilled the damaged enamel away and then put in seals. Our dentist is the best and will help us afford the seals, while also being available to do the seals that day so the cavities wouldn't get worse and Benjamin wouldn't need to be medicated and undergo a more painful procedure. Benjamin was a great sport. He was really wiggly, but endured it well. The dentist compared it to painting a puppies tail. Benjamin is also really close to losing his two top front teeth before Christmas. One is over half out, the other should follow shortly. We're trying to convince him to let us pull the tooth out despite the pain it may cause. So far he isn't buying it.

So birthdays, Christmas, teeth, and pins in hands are the sum of our week along with my cold. It isn't super exciting, but it is our life, and I love its simplicity.