Happy Valentine's Day

My sweetheart left me poetry on mirrors and messages all around the house. I love surprises like that!  Benjamin thought the holiday was so great that he was making Valentines to hand out today. It was sad when he found out that we only get to celebrate for one day.

On Sunday Benjamin ran into a cabinet and managed to split his lip, gash his face, and bruise his chin. He does a spectacular job and came into choir where we were all covered in blood. It freaked a few people out, but fortunately the damage was mostly superficial. He was hysterical for a while, and insists that he stay with us during choir in the future so that he doesn't get hurt. Oddly Damon and I handle emergencies and accidents well, and while concerned, we're both sure he'll want to play next week when he gets the chance. The best part of the incident was when he asked if he could go back and play once he got cleaned up. :) He only got upset when he saw his face in the mirror.

I've been asked to play the organ in church, and the bishop says I can have a key to the church so I can practice. I am excited to learn how, and a little nervous. I've done it before, but I live in a very talented ward. I've been told I worry about what people think too much, but it's hard not to when you have to play and perform regularly. I love teaching though, and I work to improve my talents, so I'll just have to have faith that my efforts are enough.

I am going back to school, again, in April. I am 1 year into my Master's program, and by the end of the next school year I should be ready for an internship. It is rather exciting.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day full of surprises and love. I love celebrations, and it is great to have a child that gets into the spirit of all the holidays! He's already getting ready for Easter and St. Patrick's Day.