Mom is in Charge

Tonight Benjamin chose Dad to say the prayers. Benjamin is a typical only child, and has lately become quite bossy. So, Dad tried to explain that, while he would still pray, he was in charge and got to choose. Benjamin looks at me and whispers, "no, you're in charge." So therefore Mom is in charge.

On a happy note I feel good for the first time in days. I have a pharmacy of drugs, and I can breathe. Benjamin and I have officially weathered the never ending cough. Hopefully we've also prevented Damon getting it.

On a sad note, I had to stop working with my autistic student. He needs someone reliable, and his mom is going to have a baby in September. With my health problems, I'm not the person that can be counted on. I am really sad, because I LOVE the job. On the up side we can spend those evenings going to the Temple, and attending all the functions that occur on Fridays. Maybe sometime I will be the person that can be counted on.

I am working on making new friends. Moving and being sick have severely limited my friend base, and so it needs attention. I admit that I struggle with this aspect of human relationships. It has been suggested that maybe I don't get to spend my time working with children so I can learn to be better with adults. I'll have to find a book and learn how. I am great at casual friendships, but when it comes to forming lasting bonds, I tend to select a handful of people. I know I am not alone in this, pardon the pun, but it would be nice to be good at making friends. I know many who are, and I greatly admire that talent.