New Year

I do not publish this blog easily. I am not a writer, nor do I have a large following, but I do want to share my life with family and friends, and sometimes it's easier than others.

I got sick and have remained that way. I've had an amoebic infection, and now a terrible cold. Most of December was another bout of multiple tests, and really was no fun. We did get to spend a lot of time with my family, and that was a bonus. Now it is a new year, and so much has happened, it's almost impossible to summarize. Benjamin is in Kindergarten, we moved, and now live in a nice rental home. Our old car died and we got a new one, I spent a lot of time sick in bed, and now it is February. I will follow the path of others and strive to update weekly, with the goal of updating daily. Maybe I'll find something in my life that others wish to share.